About Us

Pacific Consulting Group (PCG) helps companies create products and service experiences that earn high customer adoption, satisfaction, loyalty and value. This starts with developing a clear line of sight into the needs, preferences and values of customers.

The company was founded in 1980 by two Stanford-trained marketers who saw an opportunity to advance the customer satisfaction space by introducing innovative techniques and analytical rigor. Today, PCG remains a small, nimble customer research and consulting firm that develops smarter customer analytic and innovation solutions. We are based in Redwood City, California with a satellite in Boston, Massachusetts and virtual staff around the country.

PCG has an outstanding reputation in the markets we serve and our client work is founded on having a highly collaborative culture where people love to execute well, solve business problems, expand thinking, and build long-term client relationships. We’re a tightly run team of experienced professionals, and our small size keeps the company agile and our overhead low.

Our goal is to fast-forward our clients to customer success.

“PCG’s work was instrumental in helping us think differently about our company and how we wanted to grow within the corporate procurement space. We made changes to our marketing, messaging and employee engagement based on comprehensive insights they obtained. The Shelby Group has enjoyed excellent business growth, and we certainly appreciate the role PCG played in helping us focus on what is most important to our clients and employees.”

John Dreyer
CEO, The Shelby Group