The Problem

With the confluence of new technologies, competition from alternatives and non-traditional private sector players, environmental mandates, and public pressures, utilities are increasingly expected to:

With the adoption of conservation and monitoring products and services, the industry has an increasing need to interact and cross-sell to customers on a different level, beginning a new relationship based on multiple touch-points. Market information becomes critical rather than mandated exercises. Utilities will need to:

The Solution

PCG has helped leading-edge utilities in designing programs and services from billing to customer onboarding using predictive modeling techniques. PCG’s behavioral science expertise helps organizations to identify the right messages, design the experiences, and develop the services and programs that will engage customers to accelerate behavior change and adoption.

PCG’s work with utilities encompasses all phases from program design and product development, to marketing and monitoring to include:

Design Marketing Monitoring
  • Net Optimizer choice modeling for product bundlign and program design
  • Customers trade-offs for optimal product and service configurations
  • Pricing strategy
  • Customer adoption forecasting
  • Revenue and costs forecasting
  • Positioning strategy
  • Messaging and communications channel strategy
  • Net Optimizer for optimal marketing communications mix
  • Net Impression prioritization identifying service opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Net Expression customer expereince mapping and measurement
  • Customer satisfaction measurement

Clients and Partners


Accelerating Adoption of Community Solar - A survey-based forecasting technique to optimize program design and marketing of community solar