3-Day Customer Experience Mapping

PCG Customer Experience Mapping can create a customer experience map for a given customer segment in three days. After interviewing representatives from the company's key functions, we staple ourselves to a customer order or request and then develop prototypical flows that we use as a foundation for the first Mapping session. In the second Mapping session we use Video Walk Throughs and Emotional Tagging techniques to complete the picture and chart the start to finish steps your customer enjoys, endures or rejects. In the third Mapping session we verify the journey map and add "voices of the customer" whether quotes, social media postings or service calls. The result is a map that was "written" by the customer and a clear depiction of where the experience works and where it falls short.

PCG Net Optimizer

Having an easily and quickly executed platform for evaluating and optimizing new services or programs is an integral part of service design excellence. The PCG Net Optimizer platform uses leading edge survey and data processing technology and has a simple user interface that maximizes the learning, so organizations can:

Features include: