Our Team

Yvonne Nomizu

CEO and Managing Director

Yvonne has worked in the service arena for more than 30 years as a line manager in the service-intensive businesses of hotels/hospitality, consulting, financial services, and high tech. She has led marketing and new products at Johnson & Johnson, Holiday Inn, and high-tech startups, and she managed service operations at Goldman Sachs and Westin. Her customer service experience also includes five years in the hospitality industry, where she was trained in all facets of hotel operations, opened new hotels, conducted consumer research, planned guest services, and streamlined service operations.

As a principal with CSC Index, Yvonne reduced overhead by $35 million, managing a 70% corporate staff reduction and retraining existing staff for a shared services model. In her work with federal government agencies, she was involved in the formulation of a division-wide customer satisfaction strategy at the IRS. She later led client teams to successfully reduce cycle time, create more persuasive and succinct communications for customers, and improve the ease of transactions. At McNeil Consumer Products (Johnson & Johnson), she championed acquisition of LACTAID nutritionals and led the brand to a 7.4 unit share gain in six months, winning the J&J Entrepreneurial Award.

  • Expert in improving the customer experience, developing new products and services, and improving business results
  • Specializes in facilitating client teams to design innovative products and customer experiences that create competitive advantage
  • Designs customer experiences, develops service enhancements, launches new services, and streamlines service deliveries
  • Builds and facilitates client teams to design innovative products and customer experiences that create competitive advantage
  • Understands drivers of customer satisfaction, finds creative service improvements, and pilots new service concepts
Education and Affiliations
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA
  • Harvard, AB cum laude
  • Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), Member and Expert
Work philosophy

Often heard saying, “Design the future.”

Yvonne Nomizu is also a member of CXPA’s "Ask the CX Experts" Program


Tom Cooper

Director, Client Solutions

Tom has more than 30 years in the customer success industry, serving a wide range of public, private, and nonprofit organizations. He is deeply involved in innovation and improvement projects, turning customer information into actionable initiatives that ultimately improve business results. He’s led over 100 projects to understand customer satisfaction drivers and develop solutions to improve both customer and business results.

Tom specializes in identifying customer investments with the greatest return. He currently leads PCG’s work with the Internal Revenue Service, which aims to improve taxpayer satisfaction and business results. This work includes overseeing modeling and customer-focused research across the agency, and transactional customer and partner satisfaction surveys across several IRS divisions. Other notable clients include Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Veterans Administration, Department of Commerce, Export-Import Bank, and the U.S. Forest Service, among others.

  • Founder and leader of customer success approach
  • Expert in understanding customer satisfaction drivers and developing solutions to improve both customer and business results
  • Specializes in identifying customer investments with the greatest return
  • Has directed projects in the fields of health care, consumer services, computers and internet technology, education, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, professional services, transportation, and non-profit groups
Education and Affiliations
  • Stanford School of Business, MBA
  • Princeton, AB in Economics
Work philosophy

Tends to ask, “Why not?”


Beruria Novich

Senior Project Manager

Beruria has more than 13 years of experience managing customer-focused research projects for numerous private schools, nonprofit organizations, commercial firms, and government agencies. Her research under Nobel Prize winner Professor Daniel Kahneman led to her interest in customer research, focusing on the true opinions, behaviors, and motivations of individuals. She managed customer-focused research projects for three divisions of the Internal Revenue Service and ran a customer-service preference study for Cal Water, among other research projects for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private schools.

In 14 years of working with various IRS divisions, Beruria has conducted over 45 national customer surveys. She converted customer reports for the Taxpayer Advocate Division to action-oriented analysis and recommendations for improvement at office, regional, and national levels.

In her work with Cal Water, Beruria led a three-phase project to improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs; this enabled the utility to develop easier online and IVR systems for customer interactions. After launch of this new system, phone volume decreased by 29%, while the number of website and IVR payments increased by 82% and 59%, respectively.

  • Designs quantitative and qualitative research studies
  • Develops and manages budgets, sets and manages deadlines, coordinates project teams 
  • Creates focus group guides and moderates groups
  • Develops reports and presentations, analyzes data, and ensures the accuracy of data and analysis
  • Oversees research development and administration
Education and Affiliations
  • Princeton, BA summa cum laude
  • Won Princeton Psychology Department Thesis Prize in 1999
  • Senior thesis research cited in Professor Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking Fast and Slow
Work philosophy

Works to “Help organizations hear their customers.”


Sheryl Hawkes

Senior Consultant, Customer Insights

Sheryl is a certified marketing researcher with over 15 years of experience in data analysis and research management. She has broad analytical experience (consumer products, luxury/premium retail, B2B, technology, financial services, healthcare/pharma), with strongest expertise and interest in Customer Experience and Brand Strategy. Her work as Research Director at MCorp gave her responsibilities for the development of a customer experience software product.

  • Relationship and transactional CX surveys: design, programming, fielding, analyzing, and visualizing
  • Statistical analysis to drive customer journey mapping and persona development, including segmentation analysis, Kano analysis, correlation and regression
  • Business and scientific writing, including management reports, grants and proposals
  • CX dashboard development
Education and Affiliations
  • Certificate: Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing Research, The University of Georgia, 2009
  • MBA University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 2008
  • PhD University of Auckland, New Zealand, Molecular Genetics, 1998
  • B.Sc. University of Auckland, New Zealand, 1994
Work philosophy

"Marketing researchers need agility and Customer Experience Professionals need rigor."


Wei Tang

Senior Analyst and Project Manager

Wei has more than 13 years of experience in market research, analytics, and project management for such firms as Gartner, Inc. and the Chicago Board of Trade.

As Project Manager and Senior Analyst, she manages and serves as lead analyst for a number of customer satisfaction surveys for clients including the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Highway Administration, Adaptive Planning, and the Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Cemetery Administration. As a Senior Custom Researcher at Gartner Inc., Wei managed quantitative research projects, including methodology planning, questionnaire design, data collection management, and data analysis. She has also worked as a high-school math teacher in Shanghai, China.

  • Executes multi-variable tracking studies for large scale clients
  • Conducts analytics to highlight trends, relationships and opportunities
  • Prepares data displays and charts for reports and presentations
Education and Affiliations
  • University of Chicago, Master’s in Statistics
  • East China Normal University, BA in Applied Mathematics
  • Fluent in Mandarin
Work philosophy

Believes that “Hard work does not guarantee success, but it will improve your odds of succeeding.”


Lauren Kolodziej

Research Analyst

Lauren has three years of experience managing and performing analysis on complex datasets for research projects in industries such as private schools, nonprofit organizations, commercial firms, and government agencies. She is the lead analyst for three customer-focused research projects for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a comprehensive customer survey for the National Park Service (NPS), and several other projects for both government and commercial clients. In addition to data analysis, Lauren has experience with methodology planning, questionnaire design, data collection management, accurate and relevant reporting, and other project management tasks.

  • Manages data from large scale, multi-segment, multi-lingual surveys
  • Conducts analysis to highlight client solutions
  • Presents results in a way that maximizes relevance and accuracy
Education and Affiliations
  • Santa Clara University, BS Anthropology, magna cum laude
  • University of Denver, MS Business Analytics, in progress
Work philosophy

Believes that ‘There’s always something interesting to learn.’


Cesar Villanueva

Research Analyst

Cesar has more than 12 years of experience managing and performing analysis on complex datasets for research projects in industries such as private schools, nonprofit organizations, commercial firms, and government agencies. Cesar has experience in handling survey administration, data collection, and computer troubleshooting tasks in various professional fields, as well as being responsible for all of PCG’s Spanish translations. In the past few years, Cesar has also become a programmer and administrator for the online surveys that PCG administers in-house.

  • Conducting analysis to measure satisfaction across several dimensions and across various customer groups.
  • Programming and administering surveys.
  • Collecting and managing data from large scale, multi-segment, multi-lingual surveys.
  • Translating surveys into neutral Spanish and checking resulting scripts for understandability.
Education and Affiliations
  • San Jose State University, BS Industrial Technology (CENT)
  • Fluent in Spanish
Work philosophy

Does not see challenges as obstacles but as opportunities for learning.


Peter Webb

Senior Research Fellow

Pete has 30-plus years of experience in communications, social marketing, customer experience, marketing and survey research, and quantitative methods. He has applied his expertise to government, health and human services, education, financial services, housing, energy, telecommunications, and advertising. He has directed projects that measured and improved passenger satisfaction at Boston Logan International Airport, Massachusetts Port Authority, and the three major New York area airports, as well as for numerous airlines including American, United, Continental, and Southwest.

Pete co-developed PCG’s Net Impression®  Leverage Analysis and Service Innovation processes as well as the Communications Research Model, an innovative communications concept testing program that prioritizes combinations of media and messages for achieving specific behavioral objectives. As an active member of the Innovations in Social Marketing group (ISM), Pete has helped to organize and conduct several global social marketing conferences that bring together social marketing practitioners and academic experts. He has taught marketing at the University of Illinois and at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

  • Specializes in service design, survey research, quantitative analysis, and marketing communications that initiate desired behavior changes
  • Founder and developer of proprietary analysis technique for prioritizing service improvements processes
  • Co-developer of Net Impression®  leverage analysis and service innovation
  • Co-developer of the Communications Research Model, an innovative communications concept testing program
Education and Affiliations
  • Stanford, PhD
  • University of Chicago, MBA
  • Yale, BA
  • Innovations in Social Marketing Group (ISM), Member
  • Steering Committee of Innovations in Social Marketing and Conference Group
  • Contributor to Social Marketing by Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee
Work philosophy

Says, “Bring it on” to any analytical problem.