The Problem

Business-to-business companies have begun to realize that great products alone don’t solidify customer loyalty. For technology companies, post-purchase support, web usability, and/or product management teams are responsible for customer success—but they’re often uncoordinated or working at cross-purposes. The sales process can be complex and involve different users and influencers. With this range of customer-satisfaction drivers across different stakeholders, it’s a challenge to see the big picture and decide where to focus your efforts.

The Solution

PCG can assist with focus by providing highly targeted customer research. We employ such methods as win/loss analysis and product optimization to provide insights into the opportunities that impact on your bottom line. Client satisfaction with professional services is often driven by concrete variables—such as the quality of the output—as well as more subjective factors—such as the provider’s responsiveness, style, and expectation management.

PCG can help technology and professional services firms by:


“PCG was instrumental in identifying the marketing tactics that would most increase sales conversion rates. In 90 days they implemented their Message Outcome Optimizer and gave us clear direction on which messages over which media would be most impactful. I highly recommend PCG’s predictive modeling practice to anyone interested in increasing the velocity of their sales pipeline.”

Greg Schneider
VP Marketing, Adaptive Planning