Yvonne Nomizu

CEO and Managing Director

Yvonne has a passion for merging market research data with customer experience strategies to dramatically improve business results. She has been the CEO and Managing Director of Pacific Consulting Group since 2014.

Prior to joining PCG, Yvonne spent more than 30 years in the service arena as a line manager in the service-intensive businesses of hotels/hospitality, consulting, financial services, and high tech. Using market research data, she led marketing and new product introductions at Johnson & Johnson, Holiday Inn, and several high-tech startups, as well as managed service operations at Goldman Sachs and Westin. Her customer service experience also includes five years in the hospitality industry, where she was trained in all facets of hotel operations, opened new hotels, conducted consumer research, planned guest services, and built brand value.

As a principal with leading process reengineering firm CSC Index, Yvonne reduced overhead by $35 million, managing a significant corporate staff reduction and retraining existing staff for a shared services model. At McNeil Consumer Products (Johnson & Johnson), she championed the acquisition of LACTAID nutritionals and led the brand to a 7.4 unit share gain in six months, winning the J&J Entrepreneurial Award.


  • Expert in improving the customer experience, developing new products and services, and attaining market share, revenue and customer retention goals
  • Ideates and develops service enhancements, launches new services, and reduces time and frustration from service processes
  • Builds and facilitates client teams to design innovative products and customer experiences that create competitive advantage
  • Analyzes customer data to assess satisfaction, understand attitudes and needs, and predict customer impact

Education and Affiliations

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA
  • Harvard, AB cum laude
  • Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), CX Expert, 2013-2016
  • Leader, CXPA Northern California team, 2012-2016
  • Member, Stanford University Business School Alumni Consulting Team (ACT)
  • Leadership coach for Stanford Business students for over a decade

“Don’t just be ready for the future, design it.”

Ulka Bhide

Senior Customer Insights Analyst

Ulka has more than 10 years of experience in extensive marketing research on the supplier side in commercial consumer research. She has managed both custom and syndicated research projects including brand familiarity, engagement & benchmarking studies, marketing effectiveness studies, concept/new product development, market trends & segmentation and customer satisfaction. Prior to joining PCG, Ulka serviced clients in manufacturing, security systems/technology, mechanical systems, construction, food-beverage/CPG and hospitality.

Ulka has a strong understanding of client needs, effective communication skills, an analytical eye for actionable insights, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills. She has training in customer insights for uncovering the “why,” “what,” and “how” of consumer behavior, as well as the evolution of the digital age consumer.


  • Questionnaire design and development
  • Project planning & effective execution of customer satisfaction studies
  • Data analysis
  • Insights & Storytelling

Education and Affiliations

  • M.B.A. – Marketing Major, S. P. University, India
  • Bachelor of Science – Mathematics Major, M. S. University, India
  • Certificate in Principles of Marketing Research, University of Georgia

“Want success in your business? Align with your customer needs.”

Kate Brinker

Customer Insights

Katie is a research consultant with over a decade of experience in the field. Her previous projects have spanned a number of industries including government, technology, CPG, healthcare and finance and she has an extensive background in designing studies, uncovering insights and managing projects in the U.S. and internationally as both a client and supplier.

On the client side, Katie recently led the consumer insights practice at the Port of San Diego. She was responsible for developing a data driven citizen and customer intelligence competency at the Port. In her role, she effectively led the research design, execution and insight delivery related to projects aimed at improving District experiences.

On the supplier side, Katie was with Ipsos for nearly ten years. She was Vice President at Ipsos SMX, a division of the third largest global research agency. Her focus within SMX focused on consumer research via online communities (studies that combine quantitative and qualitative research within one platform in order to provide robust data paired with deep insights). However, in addition to communities, she has also led numerous surveys, focus groups, individual in-depth interviews (IDIs), in-home interviews and ideation / brainstorming sessions. Clients such as Coca-Cola, Mars, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, iHeartRadio, Dell, Lyft, Chase, Bank of America, Samsung, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and others have consistently relied on her ability to identify consumer insights and turn them into actionable recommendations.

Prior to joining the consumer research field, Katie served as an officer in the United States Navy and was stationed aboard ships based out of San Diego, California and Yokosuka, Japan. Her military experience gives her a unique perspective in the critical areas of project and personnel management, as well as plan implementation.


  • Report Writing & Storytelling
  • Focus Group & IDI Moderation
  • Survey Design
  • Social Media & Online Community Research
  • Persona Development
  • Ideation Facilitation

Education and Affiliations

  • Marquette University, BS (Marketing and Naval Science)
  • Naval Reserve Association Commissioned Officer’s Sword (Top-ranked MU Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) Midshipman entering the Unrestricted Line Community)
  • Navy Achievement Medals for outstanding leadership
  • Navy Unit Commendation
  • Global War on Terrorism Medal
  • Sea Service Ribbon
  • Trident Honor Award

“All decisions should start with the customer…”

Tom Cooper

Director, Client Solutions

Tom has more than 35 years experience in the customer success industry, serving a wide range of public, private, and nonprofit organizations. He is deeply involved in innovation and improvement projects, turning customer information into actionable initiatives that ultimately boost revenues or improve customer service. He’s led over 100 projects to understand customer satisfaction drivers and develop solutions that improve both customer and business results. Tom co-developed the Net Impression® technique for identifying customer service improvements with highest leverage impact.

Tom specializes in identifying customer investments with the greatest return. He led multiple engagements during his 17-year relationship  with the Internal Revenue Service, all aimed at improving taxpayer satisfaction and business results. This includes overseeing data analysis and predictive projects across the agency, and developing transactional customer and partner satisfaction surveys for each IRS division. Other notable clients include Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Veterans Administration, Department of Commerce, Export-Import Bank, and the U.S. Forest Service.


  • Founder and leader of Net Impression methodology
  • Expert in understanding customer satisfaction drivers and developing solutions to improve both customer and business results
  • Specializes in identifying customer investments with the greatest return
  • Has directed projects in the fields of health care, consumer services, computers and internet technology, education, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, professional services, transportation, and non-profit groups

Education and Affiliations

  • Stanford School of Business, MBA
  • Princeton, AB in Economics
  • Member, Stanford Business School Alumni Consulting Team (ACT)
  • 10-year tenure as Coach coach of Stanford Business School students
  • Former Service Marketing Instructor, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Board, Palo Alto YMCA

 “Asking ‘why not’ leads to great outcomes.”

Peter Webb

Senior Research Fellow

Pete has 35-plus years of experience in communications, social marketing, customer experience, marketing and survey research, and quantitative methods. He has applied his expertise to government, health and human services, education, financial services, housing, energy, telecommunications, and advertising. He has directed projects that measured and improved passenger satisfaction at Boston Logan International Airport, Massachusetts Port Authority, and the three major New York area airports, as well as for numerous airlines including American, United, Continental, and Southwest.

Pete co-developed PCG’s Net Impression® Leverage Analysis and Service Innovation processes, as well as the Net Optimizer-Communications model, an innovative communications concept testing program that prioritizes combinations of media and messages for achieving specific behavioral objectives. As an active member of the Innovations in Social Marketing group (ISM), Pete helped organize and conduct global social marketing conferences that brought together social marketing practitioners and academic experts. He’s taught marketing at the University of Illinois and at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.


  • Specializes in service design, survey research, quantitative analysis, and marketing communications that encourage behavior changes
  • Founder and developer of proprietary analysis technique for prioritizing service improvements processes
  • Co-developer of Net Impression® leverage analysis and service innovation
  • Co-developer of the Net Optimizer-Communications for determining best message campaign

Education and Affiliations

  • Stanford, PhD, Marketing
  • University of Chicago, MBA
  • Yale, BA, Mathematics and Economics
  • Innovations in Social Marketing Group (ISM), Member
  • Steering Committee of Innovations in Social Marketing and Conference Group
  • Contributor to Social Marketing by Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee

“Analytics is actually a creative endeavor.. because when done well it reveals opportunities.”

Katherine Danilchenko

Data Analyst & Statistical Programmer

Katherine has years of experience in Consumer Credit Counseling fields mainly focused on post counseling process improvement. She analyzed post counseling information, monitored and evaluated compliance of counseling practices with company policies, creditor agreements, State and Federal Regulations, and developed manuals for the internal post counseling audit process.

Katherine has an academic background in understanding complex datasets and building trustworthy prediction models using traditional statistics and machine learning methods for more informative business decision-making.


  • Statistical Data Analysis with SAS, R
  • Data Visualization with SAS, R
  • Database Management with MySQL
  • Predictive Modelling with SAS, R

Education and Affiliations

  • B.S. in Language and Literature, S.Seyidi State University, Turkmenistan
  • M.S. in Data Science (Former MS in Predictive Analytics), Northwestern University, Illinois

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

Kavita Jayaraman

Director, Customer Insights

Kavita is a user obsessed insights researcher and consultant, a story teller with proven track record of developing consumer driven ideas and getting them ready for market. Her goal is to use a visual narrative to inspire design and marketing to help stakeholders shape their products and services to resonate with end customers’ needs.

Prior to joining PCG, Kavita has over 12 years of experience in managing and delivering actionable user focused insights across industries, primarily in telecommunications, consumer technology and financial services. She strongly believes that all insights start with empathy. In a fast paced innovation, improvement, and delivery cycle, users often take a back seat to business goals and technology. With her work in user insights, Kavita has successfully managed to bring a customer focused approach to enable stakeholders to “walk in customers’ shoes” and understand how elevated emotional and functional customer experience matters in meeting long term business goals.


  • UX: Evaluative and generative research approaches
  • CX: customer experience and journey mapping
  • GTM: Usage and behavior studies, positioning/channel research
  • Research methods: Contextual interviewing and modified in home/mobile ethnographies, Focus group moderating, Diary studies, IDIs, shop-alongs, Survey based research that involve different sampling and data weighting techniques


  • MA Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Masters in Commerce and Economics, Mumbai University
  • Diploma in French, Alliance Française

Beruria Novich

Senior Manager, Customer Insights

Beruria has more than 13 years experience managing customer-focused research projects for numerous private independent schools, nonprofit organizations, commercial firms, and government agencies. Her research work at Princeton University under Nobel Prize winner Professor Daniel Kahneman led to an interest in customer research, focusing on the true opinions, behaviors, and motivations of individuals.

Beruria has worked in the educational area for the past 18 years, helping independent schools understand the experiences of their stakeholders and how to prioritize program improvements to increase satisfaction and word of mouth recommendations. Having served as both a parent ambassador and a board member at independent schools, she’s seen the educational experience from multiple perspectives.

In her work with Cal Water, Beruria led a three-phase project to improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs. This enabled the utility to develop easier online and IVR systems for customer interactions.

In working with various IRS divisions over nearly two decades, Beruria conducted over 80 national customer surveys by phone, mail, and online. She worked with IRS Applied Analytics and Statistics (RAAS) to transition the annual Comprehensive Taxpayer Attitude Survey from the IRS Oversight Board, maintaining continuity in survey administration for continued comparison over time, while providing focused reporting on key results.


  • Questionnaire design and survey logic development
  • Project planning of multi-modal, national scale customer satisfaction studies
  • Experienced focus group moderator
  • Assessment and management of data collection vendors on fast paced projects

Education and Affiliations

  • Princeton, BA, summa cum laude
  • Won Princeton Psychology Department Thesis Prize in 1999
  • Senior thesis research cited in Professor Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking Fast and Slow
  • Board of Directors, Ma’ayan, increasing women’s learning opportunities.
  • Founding chair, New England Yoetzet Halacha initiative of Ma’ayan, hiring and supporting a female Jewish law advisor for women’s’ health for the greater Boston Jewish community
  • Independent school parent ambassador, supporting school recruiting and retention efforts

 “Organizations are always better off listening to what customers are really telling them, hard as it may sometimes be to hear.”

Susan Siford

Director, Healthcare

Susan has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. As a pharmacist, she has worked in a variety of settings, including inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care venues.   She has recently served in administrative and business support roles, and also has a strong clinical pharmacy background. Additionally, Susan has served in multiple healthcare roles, including patient safety officer, medication therapy management, operational performance improvement, emergency management and healthcare system accreditation. Her vast experience in a variety of healthcare and deep understanding of the industry allows her to provide clients a multi-faceted perspective.

Susan specializes in the integration of operational performance improvement in the quest for safer patient practices and medication management across the healthcare spectrum.


  • Aligning strong clinical values with business insights to provide meaningful and actionable goals in healthcare improvement
  • Leads PCG’s work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which analyzes Part D Prescription Drug Events and Payment Process
  • Oversees modeling and detailed research across Part D claims, financial transactions, and detailed savings analyses

Education and Affiliations

  • University of Maryland, MBA
  • University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy

“Business and healthcare can be combined for the greater good.”

Cesar Villanueva

Data Analyst and Data Security Compliance Manager

Cesar is responsible for safeguarding sensitive client information, as well as managing and implementing data security procedures within PCG’s information systems for projects involving sensitive customer data.  His other duties include working with auditors, ensuring regulatory compliance, and computer troubleshooting tasks.

As Research Analyst, Cesar has managed and performed analysis on complex datasets for research projects in industries such as private schools, nonprofit organizations, commercial firms, and government agencies for more than 12 years.  His experience includes handling survey administration, data collection in various professional fields, as well as responsibility for all of PCG’s Spanish translations. Cesar is also responsible for programming and administration for online surveys administered in-house by PCG.


  • Government standards for physical and cyber data security
  • Large scale online survey fielding and data validation
  • Spanish-language surveys and help desk support
  • Text coding and thematic analysis

Education and Affiliations

  • San Jose State University, BS Industrial Technology, Computer Electronics and Network Technology (CENT)
  • CompTIA Security+ certification from IT University

“Interestingly, years of customer data analysis reinforces the human element…that customers are people, and people have a lot of common needs.”