Analytics and Modeling

If you aren’t asking exactly the right question, you won’t get the answer you need. That’s why we focus on ensuring we know the exact question you need answered. Then we run analytics to test our hypotheses. We can either use your existing customer data or conduct original data collection, or combine the two. We customize models to meet the needs of each client.

Customer data analytics can be prescriptive or predictive.

Our PCG Net Optimizer is a predictive tool that tool determines the mix of features, functionality, price, channels, and messaging that will attract the most target customers, and it predicts market share or adoption rates. It’s a powerful way to determine the optimal mix that will get you the most customers and the best results at the least cost.

We use quantitative survey methods across various media to deliver a “success” score, based on satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, or engagement. Our proprietary leverage analysis technique, Net Impression® is a prescriptive tool which shows exactly which aspect of the service experience will deliver the most business impact and should be a top investment priority.

We offer descriptive analytics as well, such as using factor or cluster analysis to identify unique personas or segments, so that companies can tailor their products, services and communications. Many times the basis of customer segmentation is need-based, rather than demographics.