Service Innovation

Having received robust customer feedback about their products and services, clients come to us for help with design and improvement. Rather than presume that fixing service process problems such as wait times, is the primary path, we look for added value and innovations. Our values framework is a central part of our design process and client benefit from learning how to enhance the customer experience with new emotional or functional value that creates deep appreciation and loyalty. If done well, these new services offer both incremental revenue streams and competitive advantage. The key is to match service innovation with customer need to deliver what customers value most.

Pacific Consulting Group helps organizations facilitate the innovation process through design sprints, ideation labs, and proof-of-concept testing. Our approach isn’t as much about brainstorming or crowd-sourcing great ideas. Instead, it emphasizes strategic relevance and design thinking to be both creative and focused. We use customer-as-human design thinking approaches to rethink how companies can facilitate customers to achieve their goals. New concepts span processes, channels, people, technologies, and communications.

We have expertise in the psychology of decision-making and behavior, and we leverage the behavioral sciences to better understand customer motivations. We help companies find opportunities to influence behavior, whether adoption of a new product, increased usage, or renewal.

Service innovation with Pacific Consulting Group is not just about process fixes. Instead, we help you identify or invent the experiences that maximize emotional and functional value while nudging your customers to win-win solutions.