Developed model to determine best channel-service mix and used behavioral science to drive customer usage.

Optimized sales messages to drive lead generation and nurturing.

Gathered inputs to economic impact analysis of university’s entrepreneurship role.

Provide improvement guidance based on bi-annually track parent satisfaction.

Created persona segmentation and customer journey maps.

Identified consumer decision drivers via online focus group.

Applied Net Optimizer to determine most impactful messages to drive physician adoption.

Developed IT buyer/user journey map and determined NPS drivers.

Conducted quantitative studies to support energy efficiency initiatives.

Annually measure visitor satisfaction to help each Park improve performance.

Evaluated innovative healthcare models on likelihood of adoption under different scenarios.

Used segmentation analysis to match agency’s services to small business needs.

Mapped the customer verification process to identify efficiencies and guide policies.

Led major operational and customer service  performance improvement initiatives for Real Estate  & Facilities group.

Conducted hundreds of qualitative and quantitative studies and modeling projects to improve taxpayer satisfaction and compliance.