Pacific Consulting Group believes meaningful insights and innovation, combined with solid data analysis, can lead directly to better business outcomes.

You want to understand what your customers value, how they experience your brand, and why they make the choices they do. For nearly 40 years, leading customer-driven organizations have come to us for exactly these types of insights and analysis. It may be improving customer acquisition, retention or advocacy, or getting the insights needed to design superior products and services that influence customer behavior. At PCG, we design our methodologies and engagements to put our clients on the most direct path from insights to implementation.

Our customer-driven approach provides a deeper understanding of your target audience’s needs and expectations, enabling you to easily prioritize program improvements. Our Silicon Valley location means we are surrounded by new technologies, which continue to drive down the cost of marketing research, particularly in the qualitative area. We’ve developed a process for vetting new techniques to ensure they deliver results. The combination of our deep research expertise, focused creativity, and renowned proprietary research methodologies allows us to create product, service, and program innovations for forward-thinking organizations like yours.

Customer Insights

Combining qualitative and quantitative tools to develop a more complete diagnosis with rich insights.

Analytics and Modeling

Ensuring that the questions are answered in a powerful way to get the best guidance.

Service Innovation

Matching service innovation with customer need to create the best possible customer experience.