Customer Insights

At PCG, we have a different approach to assessing your customers’ experience. We combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to develop a more complete diagnosis that has both rich insights and rigorous data from representative sample, so you can be assured you know the prevalence, depth and intensity of customer feedback. That way you can act with solid evidence of what will make a mark on your customer success metric.

To help our clients deliver the value that attracts customers to you, rather than to your competition, we offer the qualitative research methodologies that will get you the answers you need to the important questions about attitude, motivation, expectation and needs. Methodologies may include focus groups, triads, interviews, and ethnography to uncover not just the voice of the customer (what they say and think), but just as importantly their latent behavior drivers—why they say, think and do what they do. This spurs innovative thinking and provide a quicker path to better products and services.

A strong market segmentation schema helps you understand the segments within your overall market, so you can identify your best targets and seize new opportunities. PCG market segmentation schemas deliver actionable and identifiable profiles, to allow you to tailor the customer experience and specific services to what your most desirable targets value most.

To understand the relationship of your brand with your customers, we can do brand assessment studies, or comparative studies finding how well aligned the customer experience is to your brand promise.