I’ve Been Collecting CX Data for Years but my Customers’ Happiness Level Stays the Same

At Pacific Consulting Group (PCG), we hear this often. “We’ve been measuring our customer experience for years, but the numbers aren’t changing! Why not?” This is a frustrating pain point for many of our clients, and there are a number of possible solutions that you can employ to help your company move the needle. While gathering and analyzing data on your customers, metrics or KPIs are a great starting point, but measurement of “what is” alone doesn’t lend [...]

May 28, 2022|

From a Score to Much More: Moving from Measuring Customer Loyalty to Improving It

A CEO reviews results from a recent customer survey, but implications remain unclear. What is driving the ratings? What, specifically, will improve the customer experience and by how much? Measures have merits and limitations Customer satisfaction or loyalty measures are indicators of how well organizations meet customer needs. An overall score can be valuable for tracking progress or to motivate action. Ratings are not useful, however, when companies view a score itself as the end goal and rely [...]

March 21, 2021|

How Independent Schools Can Leverage Parent Survey Data for a Competitive Advantage

Independent schools in America today share a common desire to strengthen their admissions pipeline and recruit a more diverse student body so as to enrich the educational and social learning of each student.  The key to achieving these goals is a deep understanding of two things: The parents of potential future students; who they are and what matters to them most when choosing between schools and, The competitive advantage their school has in the market place in the [...]

February 2, 2020|